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Alpha Finder

Identify optimal locations that meet investor criteria for high-conviction site selection. Gain first-mover advantage by targeting mispriced and resilient markets.


Alpha Finder is an indexing and mapping tool that enables clients to identify optimal locations for relocation or acquisition. It features dozens of regularly updated variables including our proprietary indexes, socioeconomic trends, investment patterns and other metrics. 

Advanced Search

Filter dozens of variables and run iterative searches to generate a ranked list of locations that meet investor criteria and mandates

Customizable Data

Incorporate internal client data to further refine criteria for site selection

Generate Reports

Share results to guide acquisition teams for due diligence on potential transactions

Use Cases

Site identification and selection for new acquisitions

Relocation strategy for housing, commerce and industry

Research for strategy development and investor engagement

In addition to Climate Alpha’s proprietary Risk and Resilience indicators, Alpha Finder users can filter locations according to criteria such as: 

  • Best performing cities

  • Amazon warehouses

  • Vacation rentals

  • Land value

  • Greenfield corporate investment

  • Air quality

  • Opportunity Zones

  • In-migration 

….. And more! 

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