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Climate Investment Advisory

We apply a complex systems approach that blends climate models, data science and spatial finance to guide investors in allocating capital to climate-resilient real and financial assets.


Meet Our Team

Parag Khanna

Founder & CEO

Parag Khanna

Michael Ferrari

Chief Scientific Officer &

Chief Investment Officer

Michael Ferrari

Jim Goundry

Chief Growth Officer &

Chief Financial Officer

Jim Goundry

Sarah Peterson

Director of Sustainable Investing

Sarah Peterson

Mikhail Zeldovich

Senior Advisor

Mikhail Zeldovich

Matt Saunders

Senior Advisor


Matt Saunders

Xiao You

Senior Advisor

Xiao You Mok

The time has come to view climate as a macro investment theme driving future market dynamics. As environmental crises accelerate, investors who can quantify the impact of the economy on the natural world and vice versa will gain a competitive advantage. ​Climate Alpha gives you a unique edge with our “quantamental” (quantitative + fundamental) approach rooted in spatial finance, in which geographic location, the natural environment, and financial outcomes are interlinked. 

Our approach blends data science with discretionary analysis to enhance risk- adjusted returns across the investment universe.


Our quantamental method:​

  • Leverages a wide array of traditional and alternative data​

  • Deploys machine learning models to detect signals and opportunities

  • Utilizes comprehensive training data that can be backtested and retrained

  • Augments data science with discretionary analysis for realistic strategies 

Climate Alpha provides AI-powered, location-based analytics and advisory to capitalize on climate volatility.​ We use machine learning to model interactions between climate, market, socioeconomic and other variables to identify risks and opportunities​.

Our Investment Advisory team works with you to:​

  • Quantify the direct and indirect financial impact of climate change (alongside traditional value drivers) on your portfolio

  • Capture climate-driven opportunities through signal detection that steers asset selection across real assets, public and private equity, commodities, fixed income, etc.


Sustainable Investment

Construct portfolios optimized for climate and financial performance

Financial Products

Build climate-aligned indicies for ETF investing or benchmarking

Risk Management

Stress-test portfolios under multiple RCP/SSP or custom scenarios

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Our Competitive Edge


Geospatial analytics and methods to connect climate and the natural environment to financial performance


Go beyond ESG greenwashing to screen for and measure financially material factors


Regulatory signals, remote sensing, mobility patters, sentiment analysis and over value-impacting factors


Go beyond climate risk metrics to identify mispriced, climate-resilient assets


Proprietary data, analytics, and tools accessible on a cloud-based SaaS platform


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