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"BentallGreenOak's extensive North American equity portfolio covers dozens of markets. Climate Alpha's proprietary risk-adjusted valuations gave us a powerful additional layer of insight at the asset and fund level, both reinforcing and challenging our views in constructive and actionable ways."

Sonny Kalsi, CEO, BentallGreenOak (BGO)

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We're proud to work with leading firms across industries to promote sustainable investment strategies.

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ESG Consulting

SeaBridge Sustainability

A growing number of SeaBridge clients sought climate physical and transition risk analytics in order to comply with increasingly stringent regulations in various US states. Working with Climate Alpha, SeaBridge managed unique accounts for its customers spanning real estate and infrastructure, delivering them regular data updates on their portfolios and introducing them to Climate Alpha's portfolio construction tools as well.



Oaktree, a leader among global investment managers specializing in alternative investments, wanted to quantify its exposure to physical climate risk underneath its complex composition of real estate equity, private loans and traded securities. Climate Alpha worked closely with the firm to pinpoint climate risk, attribute it by fund, and calculate its potential impact over time. In analyzing the financial impact of climate volatility on its portfolios, Oaktree was able to rank and compare its asset performance across existing – and future – investments.



Climate Alpha partnered with Bentall Green Oak (BGO), a leading real estate investment manager, to incorporate climate change considerations into its investment processes. Climate Alpha developed a location-based due diligence assessment and integrated a climate coefficient into BGO’s valuation model. This enabled BGO to understand the potential financial impact of climate change on their portfolio, mitigate risks through insurance coverage and adjusted investment horizons, and identify climate resilient investment opportunities.



With climate awareness rising among homebuyers, one of America’s largest home builders sought to map out resilient locations for future housing starts. But it lacked robust data correlating land price forecasts to climate stability. In order to widen the footprint of its land banking strategy and anticipate the next set of fast-growing residential locations, Climate Alpha was used to identify the variables that will most influence liveability and property values. We analyzed both climate models and socio-economic trends, and ranked the counties where land was currently undervalued relative to their potential for appreciation. Our client was able to act on these arbitrage opportunities, deploying capital into geographies of high forecasted demand.



Capitaland’s investment and sustainability teams sought a comparative analysis of multiple high-growth cities for the industrial sector based on climate risk. Capitaland commissioned Climate Alpha to produce a detailed study of scenarios for property valuations for a major commercial hub highlighting growth prospects for the industrial sector based on multiple climate, economic, and demographic trajectories.

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Atlas Capital

Atlas Capital was mandated to build a systematic investment index comprising multiple asset classes including REITs. Climate Alpha integrated multiple data streams from institutional vendors and provided risk-adjusted valuation for more than 150,000 REIT properties under multiple climate scenarios. This analysis was delivered on a custom interactive dashboard that ranks and clusters REITs according to location, property type, and other metrics, with quarterly updates based on the latest market data, allowing for algorithmic management of the Atlas Sustainable REIT Index.



ACRE, a real estate investment company, collaborated with Climate Alpha to generate climate-driven valuations for a specific subset of its multi-family property funds. ACRE’s ESG investment team shared location data for key multi-family properties across the United States, and Climate Alpha utilized this data to provide Climate Price™ forecasts and Resilience Index™ scores. These forecasts and scores enabled ACRE to incorporate climate considerations into their valuation process, allowing them to assess the potential impact of climate change on their multi-family properties and make informed investment decisions.


Baseline Property Group

Baseline Property Group was undertaking a strategic expansion to build thousands of new holiday homes in fast-growing markets. Climate Alpha collected, assessed and layered a wide range of datasets related to holiday home rentals, building permitting, construction activity, recreational infrastructure, migration, economic activity, and the Resilience Index to identify locations best suited to Baseline’s mandate, as well as designed a sophisticated presentation for the firm’s management to share with its key external partners.


Statebook International

StateBook is the premiere provider of comprehensive economic market data for every community in the U.S. When the Statebook team sought to add a climate impact scorecard to its location intelligence service to guide economic development organizations (EDO) and commercial customers, Climate Alpha was implemented to provide local governments and prospective investors risk and resilience indicators as a roadmap for adaptation investments. The integration included licensing Climate Alpha's proprietary Resilience Index to Statebook's API feed to display Climate Alpha's risk, vulnerability and readiness scores across all 3,000 U.S. counties.

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Reza Companies

Reza Companies is a national retail investment advisory firm with a large footprint of retail and residential assets in key southwestern US cities sought a detailed market outlook for property values in light of growing climate change related risks. Climate Alpha conducted a granular assessment of climate scenarios for a range of adjacent zip codes in key metros areas and generated bespoke valuation forecasts for each of the client’s key 20 property locations.

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Breevast took strong positions in distressed commercial properties in prime US cities after the 2008 financial crisis and sought to reassess its intended hold period in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. Breevast shared pertinent financial data related to the acquisition price and operational information such as occupancy and yield. Climate Alpha used these data points to refine the development of multiple valuation scenarios for each asset for Breevast’s investment committee to consider.

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