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Land Banking and Master Plans

Anticipate demand and build supply. Climate Alpha guides your investments into the world's most precious asset: resilient geography.


Land Banking and Master Plans

Identify arbitrage opportunities in climate-resilient locations through predictive modeling of land values

Target fast-growing cities for investment according to demographic shifts, infrastructure investment, quality of life metrics and more

Invest early in the next boomtowns based on migration patterns and our proprietary datasets

For decades, the most stable dataset in any country has been the price of an acre of land. Due to climate change, COVID, interest rates, insurance premiums, demographics, industrial policy, and regulations – all of these factors are creating enormous volatility in what was once predictable. 

Which places will win as America's population relocates in search of affordability, jobs and climate resilience? Climate Alpha identifies the anti-fragile locations that will appreciate amidst climate volatility. 

Climate Alpha is the first geospatial and AI-powered software that models hundreds of variables – from flood and fire to infrastructure investment and population shifts – to pinpoint the most promising locations for land banking and real estate development. Our predictive analytics uses a proprietary Resilience Index that ranks every location in the country according to statistically significant indicators and forecasts the future price of land. No other toolkit gives clients the conviction to invest in the world’s most precious asset: resilient geography.  

Land value appreciation scenarios: baseline vs rapid warming

Top 20 zip codes with strong historical growth 

Top 20 zip codes with climate resilience

10-year appreciation under baseline scenario 


48.5% (4.03% p.a.)


42.3% (3.59% p.a.)

10-year appreciation under RCP 8.5 scenario


19.3% (1.78% p.a.)

60.9% (4.87% p.a.)

Our models identify zip codes and census tracts most likely to outperform historical trends and today’s leading locations as climate change accelerates and migration patterns shift.  

Here's how it works

Users select from criteria in our Alpha Finder screening tool - variables such as income, unemployment rate, credit scores, tax rates, in-migration, infrastructure quality, groundwater availability, flood risk, greenfield corporate investment, life expectancy, crime rates and dozens more - and we generate a customized ranking and map of counties, zip codes and census tracks that best meet that mandate. You can even weight the criteria and input your own in-house datasets to enhance the results. We continuously update the data from public and private sources and add more features for you to choose from.

Climate Alpha’s platform provides a rigorous underpinning for land banking, programmatic joint ventures, and other strategies oriented around absolute returns as well as income generation. Land acquired in a closed or rolling fund can be sold in intervals (e.g. 2-3 years, 4-5 years, 5-7 years, etc.) to real estate operating companies for master-planned developments, and energy and water utilities. The search for “climate havens” is triggering what will be a decades-long relocation of America’s demographic, infrastructural, and economic footprint. Climate Alpha guides you—and Americans—into a more resilient future.  

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