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Our Data

AI-powered global location analytics to future-proof investment strategies

Climate Alpha applies geospatial data engineering and machine learning to generate actionable insights into the risk and resilience of geography.

We take a wide data approach that brings together the latest industry standard climate models with extensive datasets spanning socioeconomic, market, demographic and other variables.

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A patent-pending machine learning model developed by our team of experts in climate and data science

Climate Alpha Methodology


Climate Alpha Tech Overview

Efficient Data Integration

Our AI algorithms are designed to capture and learn from the nuances in each dataset, resulting in more accurate and meaningful insights. By continuously fine-tuning our models with relevant data and techniques, we achieve superior customization and user-specific outcomes. 

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Distribution Channels

Our predictive modeling is trained to produce actionable results, and our location-specific analytics are made accessible via application software using direct download and/or REST API, AWS S3 Bucket or Snowflake Marketplace.

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Direct access to all portfolio and location analytics scores and data -- including charts, widgets, summaries, and other visuals -- downloadable in CSV or PDF formats as well as shareable links.

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Public APIs allow for easy integration into client applications. Please visit our Swagger page.

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Datasets and client portfolios can also be delivered through AWS S3 Buckets or Snowflake Marketplace upon request.

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