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Climate Alpha Expands Coverage to Canada

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

The future is north! Climate Alpha is pleased to announce its expansion to Canada, where we’ve worked closely with clients such as BentallGreenOak to create Resilence Index™ scores down to the census tract.

With this data in place, we’ve already created risk-adjusted real estate valuations across thousands of Canadian properties held by the country’s REITs.

Although Canada’s climate risks are generally not as severe as those of the US, Climate Alpha is currently working to model incremental changes in specific risk factors — such as the threat of storms and flooding in the Maritime Provinces.

The bigger challenge is modeling how Canada’s ambitious immigration targets, combined with both its crisis of housing unaffordability and its aggressive investments in energy infrastructure, will lead to changing settlement and investment patterns over time. We’re confident our tools are up to the task.

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