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Climate Alpha’s Guide to Climate Analytics

Climate change tells you where to sell; Climate Alpha tells you where to buy. That’s what sets our platform apart from competing tools obsessed with only with climate risk and loss. We not only warn of underperforming assets but our proprietary Climate Price™ also identifies assets that outperform the baseline under various scenarios.

We do this by capturing both physical risks and their second- and third-order effects on the economy, insurance premiums, and migration patterns, and much more. Our ever expanding data lake is an exemplar of “wide data”: more than 1,500+ datasets spanning climate factors as well as socio-economic variables designed to measure local vulnerability as well as readiness.

We train this massive pool of data using machine-learning models that generate actionable results and attribution analysis to key drivers of valuation change. Our documentation makes Climate Alpha accessible rather than a black box.

These are only a few of the factors that set Climate Alpha apart from a previous generation of climate analysis tools that are too narrow, too opaque, and too focused on downside risks to capture the complex interplay of climate change, physical assets, and markets.

Download the detailed guide to our analytics — including how we can help your firm meet TCFD-recommended disclosures and other regulations.


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