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Climate Opportunity Awaits - AFIRE's Summit 13 Issue with Climate Alpha

Investors have plenty of reasons to be worried about climate risk, but there are already winners in the new climate economy—and there will be more. Climate Alpha's Dr. Michael Ferrari and Dr. Parag Khanna contributed to AFIRE's (the Association for International Real Estate Investors) Summit 13 Issue to discuss how real estate investors should approach climate opportunity.

Investors of the new climate economy have plenty of reasons to be worried about climate risk, including the physical damage from extreme weather events and their impact on asset valuations and insurance premiums; chronic issues of water stress and drought; and more stringent regulatory requirements and ESG pressures from shareholders and stakeholders alike.

But there will be—and already are—winners in the new climate economy. Real estate investors should take note of the many ways in which the climate theme impacts their core business but also creates new adjacent opportunities to capitalize on the volatility that lies ahead.

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