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ESGFinTech100 names Climate Alpha as a 2023 winner

Updated: Nov 6

The second annual edition of the ESGFinTech100 was released today by FinTech Global, a FinTech news, insights and analysis specialist. The updated list puts a spotlight on the world’s most innovative technology solutions that are helping the financial sector tackle climate risk, sustainability, social responsibility and governance challenges.

This year, FinTech Global names Climate Alpha as one of the top companies to watch in 2023. As a team, we work to help financial institutions understand how climate change will impact their investments and create data-driven adaptation strategies. Climate Alpha deploys advanced machine learning to create scenarios that provide the most comprehensive assessment of a real estate asset’s location. Its goal is to project how a portfolio may be affected by climate change, outlining its vulnerabilities and identifying opportunistic areas that should receive capital, and making it easy to understand how that data can change over time from now until 2100.

There has been a significant uptick over the past year in the urgency for financial institutions to embrace sustainability targets. Governments around the world have been increasing the number of ESG regulations, and customers continue to put their faith in the companies that share similar values to them.

This rise has helped create a bustling sector. In fact, the ESG FinTech sector experienced a 46% growth in deal activity during 2022, when compared to the previous year. Further a recent survey of UK banking leaders uncovered that 76% of them are employing digital transformation initiatives for driving sustainable outcomes.

To help firms navigate the surging demand for ESG-centric tech solutions, the ESGFinTech100 identifies the top 100 tech innovators that every financial institution should know about as they build their ESG evaluation and advancement strategies.

A panel of industry experts and analysts reviewed the profiles of over 500 ESG tech companies to identify the leading players in the space. FinTech Global compiled the data for the panel. To make it into the list, the panel looked for the tech providers who stood out due to their innovative use of technology to solve a significant industry problem, or their impact on ESG imperatives and/or sustainability enhancements generated for clients.

FinTech Global's director, Richard Sachar, commented, "With the impending deadline of ESRS and many other ESG regulations currently in the works around the world, it is clear that ESG is not a passing phase. Pressures are only going to increase for financial institutions, and greenwashing will bring financial and reputational damage.

“The ESGFinTech100 roster helps senior management to identify the ESG tech companies that are leading the pack. The detailed company profiles provide insights into how solutions work, the problems they solve, operational regions and much more. This is an essential guide for any firm committed to meet net zero targets.”

A full list of the ESGFinTech100 can be found at More detailed information about the companies is available to download for free on the website.

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