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Climate Alpha, AI & Investing into Climate Adaption thru the Real Estate Market with Parag

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Climate Alpha’s CEO Parag Khanna kicked off the new year in a wide-ranging interview with Analyse Asia’s Bernard Leong about COP27, a potential resolution of the Ukraine-Russia war, and how to ease tensions on the Taiwan straits. But more than anything else, the pair talked real estate.

“The vision is to future proof global real estate,” Parag said. “Now, why real estate? One thinks that it’s just one industry, right? Well, it’s $300 trillion. There is no asset class, no industry that is remotely as valuable. Not all the treasury bonds in the world, not all the stock exchanges in the world, not all the real GDP of the economies of the world adds up to the value of global land and property. What will any of it be worth tomorrow? One year from now? Five years from now? We used to have pretty stable answers to these questions. The truth is the valuation model is broken because it’s very antiquated. And not only is the appraisal or valuation model broken, it’s even more broken because it never took climate change into consideration.”

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