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Resilient Cities Run on Climate Alpha

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Last year’s Inflation Reduction Act earmarked $369 billion for U.S. climate investments over the next decade — an unprecedented sum already beginning to trickle down from the federal to state and local levels. City and county public officials have a historic opportunity to invest in climate adaptation efforts ranging from planting trees to water conservation efforts to relocating vulnerable facilities. But where should they start?

Climate Alpha can help. Our Resilience Index™ offers a comprehensive dashboard of climate risk, vulnerability, and readiness scores for all 40,000+ US zip codes and 3,000 counties. We’re proud to announce special offers for city managers eager to assess risks, map hazards, and design adaptation strategies. Simply create a

Climate Alpha account to receive complimentary headline scores, along with heavily discounted access to underlying datasets and indicator explanations. Armed with these, officials might also leverage the Resilience Index to:

  1. Strategically allocate resilience grants from the federal government

  2. Reform urban and rural land-use policies

  3. Identify relocation sites for public and private facilities

  4. Conduct scenario-based exercises to prepare for extreme disruption Together, we’re empowering cities to better understand the risks they face and how to optimally address them. A climate crisis is a terrible thing to waste.

Interested in learning more? Check out how we work with the public sector here.

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