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Startups are using AI to help businesses weather the next climate catastrophe

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Climate resilience startups are riding to the rescue of corporations and homeowners anxious about how rising temperatures and extreme weather might affect their assets. Climate Alpha is featured in Tech Monitor’s survey of climate tech startups bringing AI to bear on future-proofing supply chains, operations, and real estate. Chief communications officer Greg Lindsay tells Stephanie Stacey the original inspiration for HOMES:

“As well as producing large-scale forecasts for developers, Climate Alpha offers a free digital product providing climate-adjusted property valuations for individual homeowners in the US and Canada. The startup developed this tool after being inundated by inquiries from families who’d lost their homes in Hurricane Ian. “They were just coming to ask us: Where should I move? Where should I retire? What value will be left for my kids?””

Check out HOMES and let us help you find the right time to sell and the best place to buy between now and 2040.


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